outfoxed TWICE by a 16-month-old…

This morning was…well I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.  Kristy went to bed last night just after the kids went down.  I stayed up until about quarter to 11.  I was planning on going to a 5:30 group fitness class if I woke up early enough (the kids usually see to that).  Now, I didn’t even consider setting the alarm before going to bed.  I figured if the kids let me sleep in a bit and I didn’t wake up on my own, then I must need the sleep.  The kids have been a bit off on their sleep schedules the last week or so (resulting in many middle of the night debates over whether or not it was in fact time to get up), so any extra rest is just going toward paying down my recent sleep debt. 

Well, this morning was different (pleasantly so…or so it seemed).  We awoke to the familiar sound of our kids’ feet quickly carrying them to the bathroom.  Kristy turned over looked at the clock and said something like, “I can’t believe it.  The kids slept in till 6:30”  (In all seriousness, folks, this easily passes for sleeping in at our home)  She followed that up with, “Were you gonna go workout?”  I told her that I had already missed the class I wanted to attend, so I was in no hurry to get out of bed.  We chatted a bit about how nice it was to get a full, uninterrupted night of sleep.  

While we were laying there our boys ran into our room and cuddled into bed with us.  We waited for our little lady to follow behind, but she did not.  Soon we heard her making unhappy sounds, so we sent the eldest to go check on her and report back to us.  He quickly returned, saying that she was just behind him, and she did in fact follow him back into our room.  After a few more minutes of crowded snuggles, I sent the two boys to go take a shower.  Kristy took our little lady to go make breakfast, while I stayed right where I was to enjoy a few moments of solitude in a nice warm bed. 

My bliss was cut short, however, by a strange announcement.  Kristy came back and informed me that it was not actually 7:07 as our clock now read, but it was about 4:55.  She followed that up with, “So, you still have plenty of time to make it to your 5:30 workout class.”  I got up and hurried around, dividing my time between getting ready and playing moderator to bathroom arguments over shower toys.  I was almost ready to run out the door and make it to my class on time, but one item was nowhere to be found…my right workout shoe.  I searched high and low, but was unable to locate it.  After about 15 minutes of searching, I decided to call off the search. I wouldn’t make it to that class after all.

How did the clock get so off?  Kristy told me she remembers that our little girl was messing around with the clock yesterday.   How did my shoe disappear?  I have a sneaky suspicion that the same culprit is to blame.  The Bible teaches that humility is a very important trait.  It will be required of all people when we stand before our Creator and it is a pretty useful thing this side of eternity as well.  Well, it is pretty hard to think too long on one’s superiority when you find that you have been outfoxed by a 16-month-old not once but TWICE…and all before 6:00 a.m.

Thank you God for teaching me humility…