answered prayers…

My last post was an attempt to fill people in on the crazy, amazing ride that was April and May for my family.  It ended a bit unresolved because the story was (and is) still playing out.  Well, this post will be about the same but there are a few updates.

Our house inspection went well.  The only things that were found that needed to be attended to were that our gas line to our fireplace didn’t have it’s own shut off valve down stairs, and the buyers wanted the furnace inspected.  I had that all taken care of by the following Tuesday.

I said that I was praying for a closing date before the 15th of June…closing is the 14th (next Friday!).

Last Wednesday night was the night that the congregation in Michigan voted on who they would call as their Director of Family Life Ministry…Kristy was extended the call (praise God!).

We spoke with Pastor Jim on the phone the next day to talk about when it would be best to go and look for houses.  We asked about the possibility of that weekend. He found us direct round-trip tickets for only $215.  We flew in Saturday, looked at over 20 houses Sunday and Monday.  Put a bid in on a house Monday night and flew back to MN Tuesday morning.

The house we bid on is bank owned.  We heard back the following day that there are multiple offers on the house.  We were asked to submit our highest and best final offer.  The bank would be making their decision after 10:30 the next day.  We received a request the following day for more paper work to be filled out and sent the bank’s way (not a sure indicator but a positive sign that we are at least in the running).  We were hoping to hear by yesterday.  No word.  I talked with our realtor and she said that with Fannie Mae it could be a few days before we hear anything.

So needless to say, we would like prayers for peace and patience as we wait on the word from the bank.  We would really like this house, but know that it is all in God’s hands.  If we don’t get it, then we are confident that God has something else in store for us.

At this point the real stress for us is just not knowing.  We have not been able to make any other plans because we don’t when or exactly where we will be moving next.  Again, We know that in the end this will all be fine.  God has certainly had no problem lining everything else up for us in such a perfect way.  Why worry?…but we do.

So I will end this post with prayer requests.  Pray for:

…sleep, rest, peace for our family as we wait and as we prepare for the move.

…the situation surrounding our future home.  Before house hunting I prayed that God would provide us with a place that would feel like home for the kids.  As soon as walked in the house we bid on, I was surrounded by all the same finishings that are in our current home.  It just seemed so right.  God’s will be done.

…my job prospects in Michigan.  I have had some great conversations with the powers that be in the Michigan District about how I might be plugged in while we wait for a more permanent position that is suited for how God has shaped me.  I am excited about all the possibilities

…good farewells.  We need God’s continued guidance for connecting all the folks He has brought into our lives with people and resources that will help them to continue in their relationship with Christ and each other.

…freedom from financial attack. This may sound a bit strange, but we are on the receiving end of a bunch of totally unrelated miscommunications and confusion regarding our current health insurance, homeowners insurance, bank statements, etc.  Some of these are really big issues and some are just small little things.  Although they all seem to be getting taken care of, they are unneeded, unwelcome, frustrating distractions that are taking time away from doing the stuff we need and want to be focusing on.

So there are a few of our answered and soon to be…answered prayers.